Harding Plumbing and Heating Co. was started in 1978, with over 60 years combined experience. We are a family owned & operated company, E.P.A. certified and fully insured. We offer fair pricing for excellent workmanship.

We stand behind our work & business name. With 24 hour emergency service and 12 technicians we have the ability to get the work load done in a timely fashion.

Our History

Edward Harding started as a maintenance worker at Caledonia High School in 1978. While doing some side work for a few people, he decided he had enough work to last him at least a month. At this point, he decided to give it a go and went into business for himself in November of 1978, starting Harding Plumbing & Heating. He started out with only a pickup truck and a small amount of hand tools. Over the course of the next 7 years, Ed had several different full time and part time employees, never operating with more than one vehicle. In 1985, Ed’s oldest son Shane began working for the company part time while in High School. In 1988 Shane began working full time putting another truck on the road. Ed’s father, William Harding, helped do whatever needed over the years until he could no longer help. In 1996, Shane decided to leave the family business to get some commercial plumbing & heating experience at a larger business, still helping out on a part time basis. In 1998, there was too much business for one guy to handle and Shane returned to the family business on a full time basis and took over the business ownership and management in November 1998.

Business continued to grow needing additional manpower and trucks on the road over the course of the next several years. In 2000, Shane’s wife, Tara, left her job as a manager at Wegmans in Geneseo, to help with the daily office duties. In the summer of 2001, Shane’s brother, Mike, decided to join the family business and left his construction job. He continues to work for Harding Plumbing & Heating to this day. Shane’s oldest son, Anthony, joined the family business full time upon graduating from high school after helping out for several years on summer vacations. The current workforce consists of 11 trucks & 18 full time employees. All employees have attended training seminars over the years and have a lot of hands on experience and training. We continue going to seminars and workshops to be current on most up to date products.